2 turbines in 72 hours

Herkules S.A. is proudly offering a new comprehensive service of installation and assembly of wind generators, ‘2 turbines in 72h’. The service includes the installation and assembly of wind generators, and transportation between locations. Our pioneering solution provides unique benefits in terms of efficiency, speed, safety, flexibility and space saving, while at the same time optimizing installation costs. Our service has been made possible thanks to our proprietary, patented wind generator installation and assembly solutions.


In addition to our wind generator assembly and installation, we also provide the following supporting services:

  • finding appropriate locations for the project
  • handling of conceptual, design and legal/formal issues
  • appropriate logistics of the construction site
  • specialist oversize load shipping

Our comprehensive offer eliminates risks of conflicts and issues related to communication during specific stages of the project, saves time, which would otherwise be wasted on the information transfer between various contractors handling the project, and avoids costs of delays in different stages of the project implementation.